🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♂️ The world's first Fixed Gear Speed League with known knowns 🗺️, known unknowns 📚, and unknown unknowns 👽. 🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♂️

CGS Crest

Fixed Gear Speed League

CGS Crest

3 Races, 9 Challenges, Win Cash

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Men's and Women's Categories

$8k Payout

🥇 Most Points = $3,000 + Grand Prize(s)
🥈 2nd  = $750 +  Some Prizes
🥉 3rd = $250 + A Prize


Old Fact: Fixed-Gear bike racing is competitive and rewarding as is, we love it, it’s what we’re about, it’s why we’re all here. New Fact: The Chrome Grand Slam Speed League adds a layer of enhanced fun, challenge and interest, and national competition, to three of the most exciting fixed-gear bike races in America. Put another way—if you could win serious cash 💵 💵 💵, fame and community at no additional cost, and all you had to do was

  1. compete in races you're already racing and or want to race anyway,
  2. participate in a national Challenge phenomenon,
  3. embrace light-to-medium gamification,
  4. and expand your definition of “speed” and “racing,”.

You’d sign up, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cool, now please sign-up.


Mission Crit

  1. Eat a burrito, a raw oyster and a clam chowder bread-bowl all in the same day. Vegetarian and vegan alternatives accepted. Clearly the more you finish, the higher your score.
  2. Ride to the top of Twin Peaks. Selfie video yourself with the Towers or the City in the background. Tell us about your sensations. Now that you're at the top, what’s on your mind, what’s going on with you, watcha been listening to?
  3. Go to the intersection of 24th and Rhode Island on Potrero Hill. Ride as far up Rhode Island as you can. When you're forced to finally stop, put your feet down, pause, and then make a 360 video from exactly where you’re standing. This is just like a long jump, only on a bike up and up a hill. Good luck!!!!!! If you plan on making it to the top please have someone video the whole thing, we got to see that.

Chrome Coveted Crit

  1. Find your favorite Chicago Hot Dog vender and take a selfie vid eating a hot dog (dressed how you like it) in front of Wrigley Field (#northsiders) or Comisky Park/Guaranteed Rate Field (#southsiders). If you are a vegan/vegetarian please feel free to sub-out the hot dog for something else like say a Mountain Dew. And/or give a hotdog to someone and take a selfie with them while they eat it.
  2. Post your best #searsfromhere selfie vid taken from the Chicago Lakefront Trail. Bonus points go to colorful descriptions of your bike path experience and/or your thoughts about the flat earth conspiracy as it relates to this exercise.
  3. Participate in the Chrome Chicago Gold Sprints!!!!!!!!!! Have fun, go deep, get someone to video it. ENJOY THE PARTY!!!! The Winner of both Open and WTF Goldsprints will receive a "Call Up" at the race on Sunday for better starting position.

Red Bull Bay Climb

  1. Jump in the ocean then ride to the bay and jump in the bay.
  2. Eat a huge sandwich. Extra Credit for Dutch Crunch Bread.
  3. Do a skid. A long skid. As long as you can, down a big hill, but don't crash.

Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules!

  1. Registration is free.

  2. Once we recieve your completed registation we ill mail you a silicone bracelet for your wrist and a frame sticker for your bike. You and your bike should wear each, respectively, while competing. You and your bike can take them off between races if you like, or since both will be adorable and cool AF you can leave them on as desired. It’s up to you.

  3. DONT FORGET TO UPLOAD A BITMOJI FOR THE LEADERBOARD. *If you don't provide one we we reserve the right to create one for you or use an emoji to represent you.

  4. You don’t have to race all three races, but it helps.

  5. Points will be awarded based on where you finish in each race. Click here to see the points schedule.

  6. Points will be awarded to the winner of the Grand Slam Prime in each race.

  7. Points will ALSO be awarded based on the completion of 3 challenges associated with each race.

  8. To prove a challenge has been completed you will need to send a video to [email protected] or submit using this form. Challenges are not mandatory. They exist to break ties, spice it up, keep it interesting, expand the definition of racing, encourage city riding and exploration, promote community engagement, and provide entertainment. Yours, ours, the world's. Challenges will be open a few days before and after each race and at random throughout the season. Challenges will be worth a maximum of 10 points each. The exact number of points will be entirely subjective and decided on by a panel of your peers.

  9. Standings will be updated at chromegrandslam.com following every race.

  10. Award Ceremony will be held in September at the Chrome Valencia Hub in San Francisco following the completion of the Red Bull Hill Climb. Stay tuned for details.